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Our Services

Special Events Planning and Production

“Captivating your brand with in person interaction” The most important thing you can do for your brand, business, or artistry is be visible. Whether its hosting your own events, performing at another, or being involved with any aspect of the event production we have the expertise to assist in bringing your ideas to life. The best, most creative events create interactions that not only reflect positively on the brand at the time, but generate a buzz long after the event is over. We will provide planning for events and performances ensuring setup, staging, accommodations and reconciliation is prepared in advance and given in a appropriate and timely manner. Management for events and staff.

Public Relations // Media Representation // Copywriting

Here at RBL we have a long-standing and trust-worthy working relationships with a vast and constantly updated database of multi-media editors and producers across all basic and emerging platforms: national and regional press from dailies to monthly glossies, websites and industry-specific blogs, radio and TV news programs, news wires, syndicated and cable shows, consumer and trade formats as well as niche market publications. Our PR services establish and maintain a mutually beneficial relationship between our clients and their public (and/or target audience) as well as help manage reputation risks. Highlighting key elements in your company and/or service. We write our own press news releases, newsletters, press kits, video scripts and more, as well as organize shoots to project your winning image.

Brand Image Development

"Bringing your ideas to life!" We know the art of the industry, the grit, the grind, the ups and downs that occur on this journey to doing the thing you love. As a developing artist, brand, business or product its extremely important to have your foundation solid so that as you advance you have the I’s and t’s crossed. Having made mistakes and successes we will be your guide to building your brand into a professional entity. Here at RBL M3DIA we help our clients build a brand to make sure that stand our from their competitors. Our team helps establish your core message and utilizes it in building your brand through various communications avenues. We can conceptualize, design and help create look books and collateral materials to achieve just the right image and build brand identity for you. Our branding strategy will help position our clients in the field they work in, either in the public or private sector

Creative Marketing

“Thinking outside the box while keeping fundamentals in tact”. Our data-driven approach is fundamental to all practices. Our team is just as comfortable in Excel as they are in Creative Suite, with a laser focus on using information to inform design. The goal is to develop marketing creative that is relevant, compelling, and measurable – shifting the focus from pretty pictures to a dynamic and personalized content experience for customers. The result?  Data-informed design that converts and accomplishes real business goals for clients. These are just a few components when it comes to the kinds of content you can create. There are MANY ways to craft your content. That’s where we come in. We’ll advise you on what content best suits your artistry/business and your goals, while collaborating with you to determine which formats will most effectively attract the right people to your focused goals. Content creation can be a major time investment, so rather than start from scratch, we’ll also help you sift through your existing content repository and analyze what can be reused, reconfigured and re-purposed. The following services can kick start and be provided based on your result driven approach. Here are some examples of Creative Marketing you may require: Press Kit, EPK/BIO, Portfolio Building, Resumes, Graphics, RFP (Request for Proposal, Legal Documents and Templates, Marketing Collateral, Email design, Copy writing, and Web Development

Community Outreach

Community involvement is the heart of our company. We are involved, hands on, and always looking for ways we can help. Our company will not only produce our own community initiatives but we will help our clients connect with their communities. Communities support businesses that support them, and that is important to us. Some of our community outreach involve: Community involvement research, Event sponsorship's, Community partnerships, Strategic sponsorship's, Grassroots outreach, Volunteerism, Fundraisers, and promotional partnerships.

Radical Campaign Creations

Be the voice. Be the change. Advocating for those with out a voice. From human rights, to social justice, to policy changes we are the voice of the people. We as R3B3L use powerful messages, edgy graphics, and bold content to explode into the mainstream consciousness by creating campaigns that compel consumers to share content with their followings. We evoke fear, tears, happiness, pain, fun, laughter, love, and ultimately change. We find those triggers that get people talking.